About Dr. Goldenberg


I’m a clinician in a busy practice. I know what it’s like to be swamped with patients until evening and then still have to chart. Time is our most valuable resource. I get it. My videos are designed to give you the in depth understanding you need in a time frame that respects the value of your time.

We use so many words to describe what we do – integrative, functional, naturopathic, complementary, alternative, holistic – but when it comes down to it I care about primary care medicine with a focus on natural approaches to health when possible and appropriate. There are a lot of us out there but not a lot of resources we can trust created by providers like us. I created Dr. Journal Club to be that resource.

I like to consider myself cross trained. While I see patients, I have worked with the Cochrane Collaboration for years. Cochrane is a worldwide organization specializing in evidence evaluation which culminates in their Cochrane Reviews. I have published numerous research articles with them and others. I specialize in the methodological evaluation of research trials. I know how to ferret out bias and see through spin. So you can rest assured that while I review articles of interest to the holistically focused doctor, I do so with a critical but fair eye.

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Dr. Goldenberg is a registered naturopathic doctor, teacher, and researcher. He is passionate about the interplay of evidence and clinical practice.

As a clinician he sees patients at The Goldenberg GI Center, which is a naturopathic medicine clinic focused on IBS and other gut related conditions.

Dr. Goldenberg currently teaches evidence-based medicine and the critical evaluation of the research literature for the Academy of Integrative and Holistic Medicine and previous to his move to Colorado, taught it for Bastyr University, his alma mater. He enrolled in Bastyr after receiving his undergraduate degree in molecular biology with honors and distinction from the University of Pennsylvania.

An active researcher with numerous publications in high-impact medical science journals including Annals of Internal Medicine and The Cochrane Library, Dr. Goldenberg has presented nationally and internationally on evidence-based medicine as well as probiotics and research methodology. His probiotics work has been highlighted by the BBC, The New York Times, The Seattle Times, Prevention Magazine, and Fox News. He currently conducts research as a Research Investigator at the Bastyr University Research Institute.

Dr. Goldenberg’s Research Publications:

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